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Our client, located in Soudertown, PA is seeking a Technical Manager for an immediate full-time position. Details include:

The Technical Manager I provides technical leadership for a project team to implement business goals aligned with enterprise architecture. This includes but is not limited to architecture, design, integration, triage, best practices, mentoring, and risk management.

He/she is responsible for providing high quality consulting services on all project assignments and works as a hands-on member of a project team to ensure that the business and technical requirements of the delivered solution meet customer needs.
-Technical mentor/coach for the project team; provide coaching and mentorship for overall software development practices
-Understand current design of system; includes technical and logical design and flow
-Provide technical leadership for on-going design, release process; performs design and code reviews
-Defines/oversees developer processes & configuration management
-Challenge design, raise questions & concerns, and solutions both functional and technical
-Assist teams with gaining proficiency for .Net ,SQL, and general process

Provides guidance on cross-function consistency within the system
-Active participation as for Impact Analysis
-Serves as liaison for impact analysis across the product suite

Participates with Architects, the Director of Systems Architecture, and Management to align all software development designs into a common and reusable enterprise architecture structure to promote reuse, efficiency, performance, and maintainability of systems.
The Technical Manager I will have a leadership role in the organization for technical strategy inside the projects that they are assigned including aligning business goals with technical projects, ensuring capacity, performance, change, and risk management, and providing counsel on major decisions.

-The Technical Manager I will be very active in leading, challenging, and grooming our Core Project -Teams to achieve greatness in application development and delivery.
-They will have administrative, functional and mentorship responsibility for one or more technical ? Business Analyst, Development, or Tester ? direct reports
-They will assist in identifying training and professional development needs in order to create ?high performing teams?
-They will work with direct reports to assess performance with respect to professional development, task completion, thoroughness, quality of system deliverables, and adherence to SOPs and departmental Work Instructions.
-In meeting these responsibilities, the Technical Manager I is expected to work closely with others as part of self-organizing Core Project Teams using Agile and other iterative software development practices for continuous improvement.

1.) Meets department, company and project management goals by accomplishing the following responsibilities:

Develop Corporate Products
-Be technical lead on projects
-Technical lead for 1 large and 1 med/small project at a time
-Attends daily stand up meetings and is accountable for technical advancement of project
-Technical lead in providing and reviewing Level of Effort (LOE) estimates to the Core Project Team and Management for Change Requests CRs , Use Cases, and detailed project tasks for clarity, accuracy, and relevance
-Researches and promotes software development best practices and guidelines for automation of software testing, builds, and deployment
-Demonstrate ability to manage multiple priorities while maintaining focus on all work

System Architecture
-Provides code level design on corporate projects
-Reviews and provides feedback on project architecture approach document
-Perform and support testing of corporate products
-Provides input for a risk based test strategy within and across products
-Provides capacity planning considerations for products

Technical Strategy
-Reviews and provides feedback
-Monitors review findings across the Core Project Team for trends, reviews effectiveness, and modifies process or checklist/task list changes as needed
-Takes the lead in defining and communicating software development best practices, coding standards, and departmental Code Review guidelines

Ensures Quality of Product Software Code via Software Engineering and Testing Practices
-Collaborates with test and others technical leads to automate unit, integration, functional, and acceptance tests for subsequent regression testing of product builds as guided by the testing strategy for each project
-Collaborates with test and technical leads to conduct requirement and test reviews to ensure testing coverage for code for their project teams
-Identifies strategies to optimize performance-testing of corporate products
-Leads in troubleshooting, risk identification, environmental control, and proposes approaches for mitigating risk

Ensures Quality of Product Software Code via Impact Analysis, Design, Code, and Test Review Practices
-Develops best practices for code reviews of products
-Leads code-reviews with Developers and Testers, makes recommendations for changes to code or design (clarity, optimization, adherence to coding standards)
-Follow-up with Developers to ensure proper changes made in response to reviews
-Provides sound technical solutions to project team
-Makes recommendations for maintenance of products including adding in details in product use cases and requirements
-Makes recommendations to enhance derivation, documentation of use cases and requirements for corporate products
-Support identification of use cases and requirements
-Proactively anticipates cross-functional impact of requirements and takes steps to mitigate potential issues
-Leads scenario, design and code reviews as appropriate and prescribed Architecture teams to verify: developer unit and integration tests required for the system exists, all tests complement each other to tie functionality together, and proper testing coverage is provided across stakeholders, business analysts, developers and testers

Ensures Quality by Supporting Development of Requirements and Understanding Business Value
-Leads recommendations for technical options to address complex features, use cases, and requirements and clearly communicates them with the Core Project Team
-Leads derivation of use cases and requirements as part of the customer engagement and core project teams
-Proactively leads identification of cross-department and cross-product impact of requirements
-Ensures business value and business impact is understood and communicated with the Core Project Team
-Recommends process changes, additions, or solution approaches based on experience and value to the product
-Insists on clarity and accuracy of requirements throughout the process
-Collaborates on a daily basis with their Core Project Team to clarify requirements, provide feedback, answer questions, and work toward meeting the goals and established success criteria for project delivery

Ensures On-Time Delivery of Assigned Project Deliverables
-Proactively take leads in providing options for dealing with scheduling or team commitment issues
-Take full ownership through to completion of assigned tasks and ensure proper hand-off and
-Participates in ARB meetings and proactively make recommendations to increase system quality and robustness
-Presents products to ARB

Ensures Both Quality and On-Time Delivery via Team Planning, Preparing, and Project Execution Activities

As part of overall project planning and pre-delivery preparation, works with the core project team and extended product team to establish, communicate, and commit to the conditions for being done for each project and release.

This includes team discussions, agreements, understanding and commitment on project plans, kickoff, and team rules of engagement as it pertains to:
-Team communication plans
-Key definitions for ready and done conditions for the project delivery
-SDLC phases and milestones for the project
-Who on the team is responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed RACI for SDLC deliverables and artifacts
-Adherence to the Change Management Plan for the project
-Adherence to the SDLC meeting schedule as appropriate

Once the Delivery phase of a project is underway, the team is expected to collaborate on a daily basis to clarify requirements, provide feedback, answer questions, and work toward meeting the goals and established success criteria for project delivery.

Promote Remediation of Single Point of Knowledge (SPOK) via Knowledge Sharing and Cross-Training
-Coordinates with the teams and management to determine department technical training needs
-Coordinates with teams and management to ensure adequate SME coverage for Corporate Products
-Actively works at transferring the knowledge to others via training artifact organization, preparation, and delivery
-Interact with other departments in order to provide support to internal users of corporate products (e.g., Sys Dev) and solicit ideas for enhancements to corporate products
-Drives change by identifying and prioritizing requirements for new code builds for approved Corporate Products.

Supports Problem Resolution for Corporate Product Issues
-Coordinate with Problem Resolution Developer to support successful triage of issues with Corporate Products
-Participates in on call rotation for production incident escalation
-Completes relevant sections of Operational Readiness for Corporate Products to ensure products are supportable.

Contributes to Team Success by Engaging in Mentoring
-Ensures that Core Project Team adheres to departmental SOPs, WIs, and Guidelines as indicated with a low number of validation findings
-Provides mentoring and 1-on-1 coaching in one or more of the following disciplines: technical, process, SOP, WI, Guidelines, or corporate product specific details
-Reviews work of others to ensure compliance with SOPs, WIs, Development Guidelines
-Identify training needs, documents NPS team member training, and assists the training department track training fulfillments
-Coaches staff by modeling behavior and providing guidance and constant feedback
-On a regular basis, conduct a 1-1 discussion with assigned staff to discuss their career growth and development.
-To the degree possible, help facilitate staff growth by offering training suggestions, participation in special projects or other development opportunities.
-Offer informal career mentoring to staff as necessary

Contributes to the Continuous Improvement Initiatives
-Coordinates department wide process improvement initiatives
-Contribute to the continuous improvement of the products, and team, by investigating new technologies, tools, and processes
-Recommends, develops, and implements departmental process improvements that significantly impact efficiency
-Works with teams to analyze team metrics, trend acceptance testing and UAT performance, and recommends efficiency improvements

Contributes to Professional Growth of Team and Direct Reports
-Conduct performance reviews and manage the performance management process for direct reports
-Keep an up-to-date file on each direct report with respect to both accomplishments as well as specific issues that point to areas of development
-Meet with individuals on a regular basis to discuss both accomplishments as well as areas of development as documented in the employee file.
-Recommend and implement Performance Improvement Plans when necessary
-Identify employee performance issues in a timely manner and keep management apprised of problems.
-Address employee issues and concerns through effective use of problem solving and effective escalation when necessary.

Contribute to Team Success by Assisting Product Teams and NPS Management with Capacity and Staff Planning
-Assist with resourcing decisions based on Core Project Team capacity, availability, and skill set
-Provide work status reports to management
-Identify, collect, analyze and report on meaningful metrics
-Proactively use those metric analyses in process improvement and training needs assessments

2.) Supports administrative goals by:
-Complies with all Department policies
-Maintains personal workload and meets project schedule milestones
-Attends staff meetings as required
-Conduct regular status discussions with staff and make necessary decisions to ensure projects are completed on time.
-Complete timesheet, review & approve staff timesheets
-Approve PTO requests for assigned staff
-Monitor PTO usage & ensure that PTO procedures are followed for assigned staff
-Ensure that all assigned staff SOP trainings are completed on time.
-Attend required training sessions as specified
-Ensures compliance with all company policies & procedures

3.) Promotes teamwork by:
-Provides support and training as needed
-Meets individual and company goals as established
-Adheres to company and department policies
-Partners with staff where technical/functional expertise is needed

4.) Maintains quality service by following organization SOPs, WI?s and standards
-Ensure SDLC understanding, compliance and implementation
-Ensure quality of development team deliverables
-Ensure that all departmental goals and objectives are understood and met by self and staff
-Participate in the creation, tracking and dissemination to direct reports of departmental goals and objectives.
-Assist in developing and leading initiatives to ensure that departmental goals and objectives are met.

5.) Meets department communication standards by:
-Communicates widely with entire staff
-Keeps the Core Project Team and management aware of task status
-Maintains good co-operative relationships with all departments and divisions throughout the Company
-Meet regularly with their staff to ensure project tasks are completed by the agreed upon dates.
-Communicate with the Project Manager in instances where Requested dates cannot be met.
-Work with the Core Project Team to reallocate work and reassess team capacity when a developer is unable to complete a specific task.

6.) Maintains technical knowledge by attending educational workshops and/or reviewing publications.

7.) completes Other duties as assigned by management.
-Participate in the hiring decision process, training and on boarding of new staff assigned to them
-Interview potential candidates
-Plans for arrival by completing necessary forms for account set up and permissions.
-Ensure that new employees attend required corporate orientation sessions
-Ensure that additional department and operation-specific training is performed with the employee within the first weeks of employment, including but not limited to timecard submission, department OOO reporting, department resource tracking, escalation and communication training, process training, configuration management tools
-Develop training plan for new employees and ensure that assigned staff are trained in all aspects of their job
-Ensure department orientation provided (for new employees)
-Develop and deliver 90 day reviews for new employees
-Develop and deliver mid-year and year-end performance reviews.

8.) Meets leadership goals by:
-Planning, organizing and controlling activities of the department in concert with the management.
-Supports management in establishing and communicating business goals for the department.
-Coaching, developing and motivating direct report/s to maximize performance & potential.
-Provides regular periodic performance feedback (at least quarterly) and follows the company?s commitment to conduct and issue 90 day review, interim and annual reviews as required.
-Establish business objectives/goals and (employee) personal developmental objectives in the given time frames (90 days after DOH and 30-60 days after annual review)
-Monitor set goals on a regular basis (quarterly).

9.) Meets Training & Development and HR goals, such as:
-Ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained
-Identify and attract new staff
-Participate in the training of new staff
-Provide mechanism for professional growth and development of regional office staff
-Ensuring training has been received before undertaking specific duties and that all training is documented in training records
-Conforming to Company's Policies and Procedures, i.e. Absence/Attendance
-Ensuring accurate and timely completion of assigned employee timesheets

Position Requirements:
-Bachelor?s degree required
-Advanced Degree a plus

Prior Work Experience:
-5+ years application development experience in object oriented design
-The ideal candidate must also demonstrate an ability to think out of the box to anticipate the future needs of the organization. The candidate must be fluent in both the technology and the business and must become a steward for the achievement of a superior customer experience through every customer interaction.

Other Requirements:
-Ensures systems are built for high availability and are highly scalable.
-Understands the Clinical Trials business and develops innovative solutions to help improve productivity and grow market share.
-Is focused on creating reusable technical utilities.
-Strong communicator and able to interface and lead discussions with both technical and functional personnel ranging from technical leads to executives.
-Create strategies for risk mitigation and contingency planning.
-Efficiently identifies and solves project issues.
-Demonstrates leadership to define requirements for project risk.
-Designs and maintains technical and project documentation.
-Strong organizational, presentation, and customer service skills.
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Self motivation ? does not need constant direction or oversight
-Strong customer service skills
-Strong commitment to fostering and promoting team-work
-Proven leadership ability
-Strong people and motivational skills
-Effective combination of people skills and assertiveness
-Strong organizational skills
-Ability to perform multiple project tasks
-Ability to be detail-oriented with an emphasis on accuracy and delivery of high quality projects
-Demonstrated ability and interest in continued learning
-Ability to follow structured systems life cycle methodologies and produce required documentation deliverables
-Strong Agile/SCRUM experience
-Strong understanding and working knowledge of Object Oriented Design OOD principles and design patterns

Required Technologies
-Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, especially C#.NET (strong C# skills are required through .NET 4.0)
-Understanding of Microsoft LINQ, Delegates, and Generics
-SQL Server 2000/2008/2012 (strong T-SQL skills are required)
-Microsoft MVC framework
-XML, and related XML technologies
-Web Services
-Microsoft Team Foundation Server TFS
-Microsoft SharePoint
-NUnit, Resharper and other debugging tools
-Source Control and Branching/Merging Strategies

-Team or technical leadership experience
Experience using the following technologies:
-Mobile web app or smart phone app development
--Understanding of Mocking framework for testing
-Knowledge of clinical trial processes
-Experience in an FDA regulated environment

Preferred Qualifications:
-Working knowledge of the SOLID Object Oriented Design OOD principles
-Test-Driven Design TDD and Domain-Driven Design experience
-Excellent Unit and Integration testing skills for writing and automating effective tests
-Thorough working knowledge of IVRS development and support tools (proprietary and public domain)
-Completion of Project Management coursework

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